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Islamic inculturation – Exposing Shirdi sai baba

slam used to be a Peaceful culture of Arabia which was manipulated to be used as a weapon by powers that intended to rule the world. They are the same people who invaded the ancient Celtic civilization and transformed it into Christianity.
The missionary religions were made to assimilate the people of the whole, while the puppet masters enjoys the show from the back round. They were specifically manipulated to be used as weapons, and they do not know the truth today.

Shirdi sai baba – saint or sinner
The extremist factions within this religion was specifically created to assimilate people, which is an ancient war tactic which uses “Religion” as a powerful tool of manipulation.
This “Baba” who was a Islamic extremist in disguise and his original ploy was to make “Hindu” / People of Sanatan Dharma become more ripe for assimilation into Islam. After 900 years of Islamic onslaught in India had caused a  lot of the destruction of Hindu, the remaining people had pretty strong barriers that were needed to be broken down.
The term “Baba” is a Persian or Islamic term which does not exists in Hindi or Sanskrit but the Big brother Propaganda machine makes it seem like it does exists in Sanskrit.
“Baba is also a title accorded to the head of certain order of Sufi saints“
“The Persian term ( Baba) was also adopted in Malaysia as an honorific” ( Malaysia was not an Islamic Country it is today, the natives were assimilated into Islam by force or coercion when they took over the country.)
The term “Baba” was initially used as a term for “Grandfather” and it had no religious significance at all. It was later associated with a Saint by the Islamist to match the native culture of Sanatan Dharma which they intended to destroy.
The above lines can be clearly seen in the definition provided on the link i have provided, which clearly shows the legions of the so called Saint.
Many people end up using it today because the languages are now mixed in spoken language but not in written form which is the key to find out the real truth of the origins of the terms.
Hence the advent of a man who’s origins were unknown and his cover name seems to be “Shirdi Sai baba”

Sai baba – every one needs to realize the truth of the origins of this man
Visit this Facebook page created by Islamist themselves and see the truth for yourself that their ploy was to make a man seem like “God” so they can wipe out the culture of Sanatan Dharma to establish their rule.
You can easily see their quote of their page:
Shirdi sai baba”fakeeran”, allah malik hai

Shirdi-Sai-Baba – What was a Islamic fakir doing with Hindus – warp their minds and assimilate them
This completes the message of this Islamic agent who many people still take to be a Saint? no he is almost being turned into a fraudulent God  which the “Abrahmic World” will eventually use and say that “Vishnu” wasn’t a God, he was just a man. This is the process to destroy Gentiles, pagans or kafirs – the poison never stops until the source of the poison is destroyed.

Shirdi Sai Baba – is he really the man he is made out to be
This is the long term attack being made against Sanatan Dharma by the Abrahmic world.
Look at his real pictures, does he look like he has any positive energy to give to people or was he just cultivated by Islamic extremist to warp the minds of hindu’s to be assimilated. There are many sites online claiming that he was equivalent to a yogi but he was not any thing close to it.

Sai baba – making a fool out of the world and kafirs
This colored photo gives a better view towards the man who is supposed to be enlightened and wanted to bring peace between “Hindu” and Muslims. Yet he always used the term “Allah Malik“, which is a clear programming technique to make hindus become at ease with sly assimilation tactics.

Truth of Sai baba – Islamic agent
Lets use the Big brother propaganda machine to tap out the real information about this man.
Listing down the points that are necessary to be noted to know the truth about this man:
1) His original name and origins are unknown – and he was Given the name Sai in Shirdi
2) Hemadpant who wrote the famous Shri Sai Satcharitra - we do not know who this man who wrote a book on Sai and there is no historical reference of the so called alleged “Hindu” author.
3) He combined the elements of Hindu and Islam.
The question is which part did he combine? and is it really true? because he still used the term “Allah Malik”
4) He gave the name Dwarakamayi to the mosque he lived in.
This is another big clue that it was basically to fool the Sheep who were weak enough to fall into the trap laid down by the wolves to be devoured into the Abrahmic Propaganda.
5) He practiced the combination  Hindu and Muslim rituals, taught using words and figures that drew from both traditions, and was buried in Shirdi.
Clearly he was a Islamic Agent who basically had superficial knowledge enough to lure the Sheep into the trap and his “Burial” clearly shows his preference was towards Islam.

Shirdi Sai Baba – Does this man look like he has any positive spiritual energy – no
There would be many people who would end up asking,
” Why am i doing all this and Why do i have to dig up the past ?”
Allow me to show you the inevitable future that these Abrahmic Religions have planned for us:

nag sai – the biggest fraud to destroy Sanatan Dharma by Abrahmic Religion
The above picture clearly proves that he is now replacing “God Vishnu” as God. A man with no spiritual knowledge or positivity is trying to become God. No, it was the Abrahmic plot to begin with.
It is already happening, and the Abrahmic people have already started removing out ancient Knowledge with their warped agendas so they can rule when we disappear.
But how can some thing so Evil sustain itself? It is impossible because their evil energy will eat away every thing around us.

Naga Sai – replacing Hindu Immortal Gods with a Islamic Fraud
I refuse to let this “Beastly” war tactic to continue, its monstrous energy has to end.

Satya Sai baba
If this man was truly “Satya Sai Baba” then the name alone proves that he was a fraud, and millions follow him like sheep.
Satya Sai Baba was Also Buried, hence he was a Islamic extremist Agent placed to  destroy the world of Hindus of India.
They have used our symbology to make us detest them and suspect people who are genuinely here to help us.
Many extremist factions assume the identity of another to create lies and deception at a whole new level, these extremist factions have a master mind that has to be brought out into the open.
The Demonic war tactic has gone as far as making 108 Mantras of these Fraudulent God Men to completely warp and destroy the Gentiles, pagans or Kafirs of India.
You chant mantras of Vishnu or Shiva who were not men but unborn Gods!
Its time to destroy the core of the  problem.
Either way, these fraudulent god men loose and i will not allow the manipulation of Good people any more.

Dharma Protector – the strike of the holy trident – Vanish demons
I cant help but use the symbol of the trident!
I just like happy endings, don’t you?
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