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Sonia Gandhi’s boyfriend Ottavio Quattrochchi paid for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination?


Represent: Dr. Santosh Rai
Sonia Gandhi’s boyfriend
Ottavio Quattrochchi paid for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination

Rajiv Gandhi assassination was hatched in a Paris hotel monitored
by the French Intelligence agencies. Ottavio Quattrochchi met LTTE Balasingham in the Paris hotel and was also in touch with arms
dealer Adnan Khashogi.  The involvement
of Ottavio Quattrochchi indicates the involvement of Sonia Gandhi in the
assassination of Rajiv

French intelligence agencies are in possession of evidence that
L.T.T.E, Ottavio Quattrochchi and the Congress leaders colluded to assassinate India’s former
Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi known for his kickbacks esp. of the Bofors bribe
case.  Ottavio Quattrochchi is a
childhood boyfriend of the Roman catholic Christian Antonia Maino.  Antonia Maino is an illiterate, child
prostitute and worked as a barmaid not in Italy
but in UK
for a living as her father fascist was in jail. She was sent to UK
as a child labor, for working as a barmaid. Antonia Maino was presented in front of Rajiv Gandhi in Cambridge by Opus Dei, KGB and ISI.  Antonia Maino became Antonia Maino Rajiv
Gandhi after her marriage to Rajiv Gandhi. 

Rajiv Gandhi was born to a muslim couple Feroz Khan and Indira
Priyadarsini.   Indira Priyadarsini had
converted to Islam and became Maimoona Begum and married her muslim husband in
a UK
mosque.  Feroz Khan was also a lover of
Indira Priyadarsini’s mother Kamala Nehru. After marriage this muslim couple stole the Gandhi surname, of Mahatma
Gandhi to fool the India’s
illiterate voters and Maimoona Begum became known as Indira Gandhi.  Indira Gandhi became, India’s Prime Minister after the assassination
of Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Sastry in Tashkent,
by KGB and ISI.  Indira was referred in
the media only as Indira Gandhi.   Indira
Gandhi’s son, Rajiv Gandhi, was a circumcised muslim by birth, and was the
target of spy agencies like KGB, ISI, and Opus Dei, who wanted to control India.  His marriage to an illiterate Italian barmaid
Antonia Maino was an international conspiracy.  Antonia Maino at one time worked for one Salman Tassir a Paki ISI
operative in London, and this was well known in India’s
intelligence circles. Antonia Maino became Antonia Maino Gandhi, but she
adopted the name of Sonia Gandhi to fool the illiterate voting masses of India, even
though the name Sonia Gandhi is not legal, or published in Indian Gazette
notifications.  Her immigration papers to
India still show her as
Antonia Maino Gandhi and she had even voted in India’s
elections, even while she was an Italian citizen violating India’s regulations.  India
is known for its lax judicial system, and criminalized politicians
because,  the majority community in India,
the Hindus are known to be the  most weak
minded, subservient and corrupt community known to human race.  Because of the lack of self respect the
Christian missionaries from the West could tell fake histories of Aryan
invasion theories, fake stories of St. Thomas in Kerala and Chennai and his
fake murder etc, to the brainless black skinned African looking, south Indian
Tamils, who will believe anything if told to them by any white skin European
Christian missionaries.   An example of
the nature of Hindus can be seen in the action of the current Law minister of
India, a wimp creep known as Hansraj Baradwaj whose name means he is the king
of ducks, released the money in the frozen London Bank account of the fugitive
criminal Ottavio Quattrochchi who is wanted in India to face the criminal
charges relating to the Bofors payoff. The ass licking Indian Hindus will sell their motherland, if the money
is right is seen in the presence of an illiterate, Italian child prostitute as
the president of the Indian National congress party.  She has put Christians like Pranab
Muckherjee, Arjun Singh YSR Reddy etc who all have Hindu looking name to
outright Christian communalists as central and state ministers.  This Italian Christian plant has planted the
two percent Christian population as ministers, governors, Inspector general of
police etc all over India,
without any murmur of protest from the weak minded Hindus of India. If an
Indian goes to Italy and
become a citizen of Italy
like Sonia Gandhi, that person will not be even eligible for standing for a
municipal election in Italy.  In India,
this Christian plant Sonia Gandhi, is looting and raping India with total impunity in collaboration with
the fifth column Christians living in India.   On an Interpol arrest warrant the fugitive
from law Ottavio Quattrochchi was arrest in Argentina, but the weak and
spineless subservient Hindus and the fifth column Christians and Muslims
working in the Government of India, kept the news hidden for eighteen days from
Indian public and the supreme court recently to facilitate the escape of the
boyfriend of Sonia Gandhi from police custody in Argentina.

Ottavio Quattrochchi a childhood boyfriend of Antonia Maino
Gandhi came to India
along with the arrival of the Italian plant and started his work in Tamil
Nadu.  Ottavio Quattrochchi worked as a
middleman to collect the bribes of all government contracts on behalf of Rajiv

Thursday April 26, 2008 New Delhi,  (ANI): A web site has suggested that the plot
to assassinate former Prime Minister and then Congress party president Rajiv Gandhi
in 1991 was hatched in a five-star hotel in Paris.

According to politicsparty.com, French intelligence agencies are
in possession of documentary proof and evidence, that the L.T.T.E, Italian
businessman Ottavio Quattrochchi and several Congress party bigwigs colluded to
have Rajiv Gandhi eliminated, as he was seen as a looming threat to the LTTE
and to some Congress leaders, in spite of not being India's Prime Minister at
the time.

According to the web site, the L.T.T.E was convinced that Rajiv
Gandhi would remain hostile to its activities in Sri Lanka, and therefore to
prevent his return to power in 1991, plotted his elimination in a Paris hotel
through its key intermediary Anton Balasingham.

The web site further goes on to claim that the surfacing of the
Bofors Gun scam brought Quatrocchi into the picture. It says that Quattrocchi
realized that India's Opposition politicians and anti-Congress Governments in
their passion to expose Rajiv would chase the Bofors Scam and all its

Quatrocchi believed that Rajiv and his Congress were not winning
the 1991 Elections, and therefore, panicked. He wanted the Bofors scam to be
buried, and according to the web site, felt that as long as Rajiv Gandhi was
alive, the scam would remain alive.

Quattrocchi therefore met Balasingham in Paris and was also in
touch with arms dealer Adnan Khashogi. The website said that the entire meeting
and conversation between Quattrocchi and Balasingham was recorded by the French
intelligence agencies.

The website also says that on the day he was assassinated (May
21, 1991), Rajiv Gandhi was reluctant to leave Vishakapatnam for Chennai and
then Sriperumbadur. But some Congress leaders convinced him to undertake the
journey, which eventually killed him.

The web site claims that the intelligence agencies of France,
Israel and the U.S. possess classified data, which they should hand over to the
Government of India.

It says that Government of India should initiate moves to
acquire the information pertaining to the Rajiv Gandhi assassination. (ANI)

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